Ghosts of My Catholic School

Ghosts of St. Anthony

On the field of desolation
I stand, still and lonely.
Like a wounded soldier, taking her comrade’s body
To the sea.

Malia was in pieces
And now lost to the wind.
We met in the hospital
And never spoke again.

Chad escaped to California
Still bearing his father’s scars.
Matthew’s corpse lay beside me
While I gazed up at the stars.

Dustin’s body is alive,
His mind fractured like a mirror.
He was made into a “Tribe of One”
For survival, obedience, and fear.

I escaped the country,
The Catholic school we shared
I escaped the family
That never, ever cared.

Now I walk, I drive,
I eat, most of the time.
My body bears the evidence
Of unreported crimes.

I have only memories,
I’ve broken through the lies.
I have nothing but my story…
To share, or to try.

Through my nightmares, through the pain,
When I hear the crashing sound…
Of men who said they spoke for God
Beating us to the ground.

Through the fog I’ve wandered in,
The demands that I forgive…
Into the present, I know one thing.
I must learn how to live.


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